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Yvonne Gabriel Art

Artist statement Yvonne Gabriel

 In life, our background, our biography has a profound effect on who we are. Different fragments of our lives tattooed themselves on our soul, forever changing the composition of our psychology.  My painting is about the figure that flows in and out of its surroundings; it’s background.

Considering the ‘back’ground taking up significant space on the canvas, I attempt to provide a vivid interaction between a fragmented past and our present. These fragments inspire me to create a style that combines abstract and decorative patterning with figuration.

Color is a strong component of my work, which I strive to arrange with drama and contrast. Beauty is a concept I strive for. What is beautiful parallels the discussion of what is art and therefore the interpretation of my work has no pre-requisites. Facing the viewer and his/her background will perhaps provide an opportunity for identification and recognition.

Artist Biography

​Yvonne Gabriel was born and raised in the Netherlands. Its mild climate allows for an active outdoors life in a picturesque setting. Those impressions formed her visual preferences in color and patterns. Yvonne obtained a RN degree, at the same time taking art classes at the local community college where academically schooled young artists provided her with an excellent foundation With her ability to speak four languages, Yvonne worked and lived around the world in the capacity of flight attendant, tour guide and RN. During her travels, Yvonne kept a drawing journal of her friends and new surroundings. Finally settling in the USA, Yvonne dedicated much time to developing her painting skills while raising her two children. 

Yvonne is continually contracted as a portrait artist; many of them are formal portraits for local universities. For her water paintings she is represented by the Besharat gallery in Atlanta. Yvonne won a grant from the Macon Arts Alliance to develop a curriculum and teach in the family intervention center in Macon. Their show will be held at the Macon Arts Alliance gallery on February 18th, 2018.